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Sacrament Radio
March 2000 was Sacrament Radio's 7th birthday!

The following people were nice enough to pass on birthday greetings.
Their greeting and song request was played on the special Sacrament Radio 7th birthday show, which was broadcast on 8th March 2000.

3D Joe (Black Planet) joe.mp3 (405K)
Adam (Zeitgeist) zeitgeist.mp3 (144K)
Adam Spencer (Triple J) adam.mp3 (276K)
Anton (Grand Theft Auto) anton.map3 (131K)
Ashley (Electric Ballroom) ashley.mp3 (136K)
Ashley (Electric Ballroom) ashley2.mp3 (86K)
Ashley (Electric Ballroom) ashley3.mp3 (89K)
Acetate (Electric Ballroom) acetate.mp3 (215K)
David (Glitter Shy) glittershy.mp3 (143K)
John john.mp3 (150K)
Kylie (Ostia) ostia.mp3 (96K)
Locust (Requiem) locust.mp3 (115K)
Mathew (Jekyll Switch) mathew.mp3 (166K)
Michel (Disjecta Membra) michel.mp3 (159K)
Nikki (Vortex) nikki.mp3 (136K)
DJ Norad (Living Death) norad.mp3 (288K)
Rowan (Requiem) rowan.mp3 (102K)
Spectre (Puppetsphere) spectre.mp3 (157K)